This Illustrator Says, "Life Doesn't Start When You're a Certain Weight"

Are you feeling it? Already the pressures are coming on strong to get "beach body ready!" Ugh. It kind of sucks, and this illustrator, Hollie-Ann Hart, has something to say about it. "There is no wrong way to have a body and life doesn't start when you're a certain weight or size. Live life how you are now and love yourself in the body you are in."

This illustration and message really spoke to Dr. Colleen Reichmann, a licensed clinical psychologist, who regrammed the drawing with the caption, "Do you hear that? It's starting already. Boo to that 'beach body slim down' chatter👎." She says you shouldn't feel the pressure "to change yourself to fit some external definition of 'summer ready.' The external definition is what needs to change. YOU are absolutely perfect the way that you are." She ends with, "All bodies are good bodies, all bodies fit at the beach ⛱."

A million times YES! If you've got a body, you've got a beach body, so put on that bathing suit with confidence and "Get yo' self to a beach."