We Give the People What They Want — and the People Want Jason Momoa's Muscles

I have two words for you: Jason Momoa. Jason Momoa! As you all know, Jason looks extremely fit — Justice League, Aquaman, and Game of Thrones are proof that he has muscles for days. We've seen his bulging biceps, shredded back, and amazing abs on and off the silver screen, which is honestly a blessing.

Even when he's not prepping for a big role, Jason is very active in his daily life. For instance, he loves rock climbing, sharing on Instagram that it's his "heart" and it keeps him "humble" and "wild." So, whether you already spend an embarrassing amount of time scrolling through shirtless photos of him, or you're not exactly impressed yet — looking at you, haters who criticized his body while he vacationed in Italy with equally-as-fit wife Lisa Bonet — I want to present you with this: a series of videos that showcase his muscles in action. Ready? Great. Jason is, too.

Jason Momoa Doing Pull-Ups (Lots of Pull-Ups!)

Jason Momoa Rock Climbing Part 1

Jason Momoa Rock Climbing Part 2

Jason Momoa Rock Climbing on Real Rocks!

Jason Momoa Doing Some Bent-Arm Lateral Raises Like a Champ

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You Can Find Footage of Jason Momoa Surfing in Here

Back to Rock Climbing . . . Some Really Impressive Stuff

Jason Momoa Ax-Throwing

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If You Needed More Jason Momoa Rock Climbing, Here's That