Fire Up Your Abs and Booty With This Trainer's 7-Move Bench Workout

Jeanette Jenkins has been training celebrities like Alicia Keys, Mindy Kaling, and Kelly Rowland for years. We've figured out why all the stars flock to her for her expertise: she has a way of making her workouts fun, convenient, and effective.

Jeanette must know that people want to spend more time outdoors while the warm weather lasts, and because of that, she came up with this abs, legs, and booty bench circuit that you can do at the park, the bus stop, or wherever there's a bench. Get ready to fire up your abs, butt, and legs with this quick, seven-move circuit.

The Workout:

Watch her video above to see how the moves are done, and complete 10 to 20 reps of each exercise for a total of two to three rounds.