This Trainer's Full-Body Workout Will Elevate Your Heart Rate and Work Every Muscle Group

When you're cramming in a workout during a busy day, total-body moves are where it's at, and celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins just posted a circuit of five that'll get your heart rate up and your muscles burning in minutes. She combined several classic moves, throwing together side lunges and squat jumps, triceps kickbacks and leg lifts, for a fast circuit that hits multiple muscle groups at once. "You can find an excuse or you can find a way!" she wrote in the caption, because it's not a Jeanette Jenkins workout if you're not getting motivated while your muscles give out.

Jeanette's Total-Body Workout

Start with a dynamic warmup like this one, which includes high knees, butt kicks, hip stretches, bridges, and more. Don't forget to activate your core and glutes, too. Jeanette is using weights, so grab a pair of dumbbells, too (here's a guide to help you choose the right weight).

Watch the full video above to see how to perform each move. Do as many as you can for 30 to 45 seconds for a total of two or three rounds, and make sure to cool down afterwards; here's a full-body cooldown routine to try. And if you want more from Jeanette, check her out on Glow by POPSUGAR.