Jennifer Lopez Basically Defies Gravity in This Behind-the-Scenes Video of Her Hustlers Training

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"Baby, I was upside-down on the pole today," is not something you'd necessarily expect Jennifer Lopez to tell fiancé Alex Rodriguez over FaceTime. The reason for the unexpected exchange, however, was the triple-threat's forthcoming movie Hustlers, in which she portrays a stripper scamming her Wall Street clientele. In a new video shared to her YouTube channel, Jennifer offered insight into the intense training she underwent to master pole dancing for the movie.

Working with choreographer and instructor Johanna Sapakie, Jennifer tirelessly rehearsed for six weeks, leaving her legs covered in bruises. "It's rough on your body," she said. Given her time constraint, Jennifer acknowledged that she wasn't going to look like she was "in Cirque du Soleil," but, she added, "I'm just trying to look convincing." After watching her video, we'd say she achieved that goal!