Kate Hudson's Trainer Reveals Exactly What Keeps the Star So in Shape

To say I am obsessed with Kate Hudson is a major understatement. She is my absolute girl crush until the end of time. That's why when I chatted to her trainer, Nicole Winhoffer, I just HAD to ask what she was like IRL and what her workout style is.

"She's one of my favorites because her spirit is so free and she's so fun," Nicole told POPSUGAR. "She's the definition of #WCW (woman-crush Wednesday) because she's so freaking fun! And I think that spirit gives her that personality, that energy, that body, and that's something I really promote in my brand with NW Method and when I teach with Propel."

And as for some of Kate's favorite workout moves?

"She likes to do the snake, which is a movement for your torso and your obliques. You snake to the right with your head, snake to the left." This makes total sense, as Kate has killer abs! "She loves dancing. Dancing and rhythm are so key to freeing your spirit, and every time we work out together, she's so fun and just super, super positive." Swoon.

Just as I expected, Kate is a total ball of joyful energy. It makes sense that Nicole trains her; Nicole is the same way — super positive and full of encouragement.

"A huge missing link in Western culture is the importance of our inner being; it's very much an Eastern approach. I've gotten to work with the greatest leaders in music, film, photography — people who are at the top of their game, like Madonna and Stella McCartney and Ellen Pompeo and Kate Hudson — and really they all focus on their emotional and mental well-being."

Nicole always ensures that mind and body are being transformed.

"Be free! Have a free spirit to yell and to move your butt and to admit when you ate too much . . . and be like, 'I don't give a f*ck because I'm great! A higher power made me!'"

Daily motivation: check!