Kendall Jenner's Pre-Victoria's Secret Show Meal Might Surprise You

Prepping for a show where "barely there" is the theme of the evening takes lots of discipline in and out of the gym, as model Gigi Hadid showed us with her intense two-a-day workouts leading up to tonight's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (airing on television on Dec. 8). Now her BFF and fellow model Kendall Jenner has shown us that she's just as reasonable about her runway prep, eschewing starvation and unhealthy diet habits for a very delicious-sounding meal that any clean-eating foodie would applaud. When asked what her preshow dinner was, Kendall replied, "Chicken and sweet potato, egg whites, and avocado." With lots of protein and fiber to keep her full, along with healthy fats and blood-sugar-regulating hormones to help her avoid energy crashes, Kendall's prerunway meal gets an A+ in our book. Get more of Kendall's Victoria's Secret beauty tips here, and try her dinner yourself with these healthy recipes: