Khloé Kardashian Shows Us Her Workout, and It Looks Pretty Hard

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Khloé Kardashian, ever the gym selfie enthusiast, just released a video that gives us even more of an insider's look at her workout. In the clip, which promotes her subscription-based lifestyle site, the reality star tackles battle ropes, lunges with heavy barbells, and all around sweats it out with her trainer Gunnar Peterson while he doles out fitness tips anyone could use, like this advice he has about working out: "Don't let lack of equipment be your reason for not doing it." Gunnar and Khloé even show us how to do a killer total-body move called the twisting lunge to monkey row, which targets the calves, glutes, shoulders, biceps, and core. Check out just what it takes to get Khloé's body above, and then try Khloé Kardashian's full workout here.