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Lauv Dance Cardio Workout Videos to Try at Home

Get Your Dance On With These Fun Cardio Workouts Featuring Lauv Songs

Lauv Dance Cardio Workout Videos to Try at Home

I've learned that, despite not being that much of a dancer, dance cardio workouts at home are effective. They can make you break a sweat and are a great alternative to embarrassing yourself at Zumba (yes, I know from experience). Plus, it's an excuse to spike your heart rate while jamming to some of your favorite hits. Sure, weightlifting to a motivational, no-excuses playlist is a good time, but getting your groove on to kickass music, even if you don't normally frequent the dance floor, promises all kinds of fun.

Lauv is a pop artist whose songs are particularly workout-friendly. Hits like "Chasing Fire" and "F*ck, I'm Lonely" get you in your feelings (at least, that's what they do for me on my commute to and from the office and whenever I'm in the mood for his syrupy-smooth vocals) and also feature beats that get you moving. And when it comes to dancing to his hits, you'll be sure to finish with a smile. Ahead, check out dance cardio workouts set to Lauv songs. If you want more follow-along videos that aren't just Lauv-related but keep the vibe going, you can find pop music ab sessions here. Go dance like nobody's watching (because, alone in your room, no one is!).

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