The Best Compliment You Can Give, According to Lea Michele

Lea Michele is used to having all eyes on her, but what makes her the most confident? "Not caring what anyone else has to say about you," she said. The actress, singer, and bestselling author appears in the September issue of InStyle, and she's inspiring us with her powerful quotes about body image, self-confidence, and happiness.

She's completely committed to living a healthy lifestyle, but not in a "calorie-counting kind of way." Her fitness-filled Instagram account makes it clear that she maintains a healthy lifestyle by doing things that make her feel good, like hiking, yoga, meditation, and cooking. "I see how it affects my hair and skin: I don't look as tired as I used to, and I have more energy," she told InStyle.

And the best way to compliment her? Not by saying she looks skinny or has lost weight. "Telling me that I look healthy," she said. "We women are constantly saying things to each other like, 'Oh my god, you look good! Did you lose weight?' For me, someone saying, 'Wow, you seem healthy — your skin is glowing!' is a better compliment."

Amen to that! You can read Lea's full interview in the magazine, on stands now.