How Much Does a Life Time Fitness Membership Cost? Here's What to Know

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Life Time Fitness claims to be so much "more than a gym" — and rightfully so. With deluxe amenities like saunas and steam rooms, plenty of group fitness classes, not to mention Olympic-size indoor pools, rock-climbing walls, and areas to play pickleball, basketball, and tennis — the 24-hour fitness chain is more like a mini wellness retreat. Given all that Life Time has to offer, it may be tempting to sign up for a membership right away. But before you make the commitment, it's good to know exactly how much a Life Time Fitness membership costs.

Life Time Fitness memberships are generally broken up into four tiers, with a fifth "Premier" tier at certain locations. Membership cancellations require a 30-day notice, and according to the Life Time Fitness website, new memberships come with a complimentary personal training session. Additional baseline benefits include unlimited access to virtual training programs via the Life Time Fitness app, a month of free group swim lessons when you enroll your junior in recurring lessons, and $25 of LifeSpa credit to put towards any spa or salon service. Read on for more information about Life Time Fitness membership pricing, and see if the hype is worth the price.

How Much Does a Life Time Fitness Membership Cost?

Life Time Fitness membership pricing varies depending on where you're located. To give you a better sense of the price range, we explored membership costs in multiple different areas.

But for more specific pricing, you can build your personal membership here using your own details, or contact your local Life Time Fitness for more information.

Note that some memberships — including the standard and 26 & under tiers — are not available in all major cities. Popular clubs, like those in certain parts of California, are also currently on a waitlist. If you want to get a feel for the gym without signing up for a membership, you can always request a tour.

Life Time Fitness Memberships

  • One-Day Membership ($40 and up): If you want to fully experience all the amenities you'd be opting into with a regular membership, or if you're visiting an area with a Life Time and want to treat yourself to a day of wellness, a day membership is perfect. And if you do decide to join, you'll be credited back the cost.
  • Standard Membership ($99-$139 monthly): The standard membership gives you access to the workout floor and studio classes like barre, Pilates, spin, HIIT, and strength training. Multiple amenities are also included, such as the indoor swimming pools, gymnasiums, and high-end locker rooms (although the exact amenities may vary depending on the location). Standard members get access to multiple Life Time locations, as long as they're within the same price point. Members say they appreciate Life Time's cleanliness, organization, and great instructors (but the amenities are always an added bonus).
  • Signature Membership ($149-$299 monthly): A step up from the standard membership, this upgrade gives you access to the workout floor, unlimited group training like unlimited GTX, Alpha, and Ultra Fit programs, and all of the top-tier amenities. "Small-group advanced fitness programming is included in the membership. This is above and beyond the standard class types and typically draw a dedicated crew of great people to work out together," one member writes on Reddit. "This is why we have this tier to cover as it's far less expensive than personal training and pay-per-class." Another major perk of the signature membership is that pickleball and tennis court fees are included. You also get priority reservations for studio classes and infant care.
  • 26 & Under Membership ($89-$239 monthly): A discounted membership rate for anyone 26 and under. Note that this particular membership only grants you access to one Life Time location, so you may have to upgrade if you wish to visit another club.
  • 65 Plus Membership ($89-$239 monthly): A discounted membership rate for anyone 65 and over. Note that this particular membership only grants you access to one Life Time location, so you may have to upgrade if you wish to visit another club.
  • Premier Membership ($329 monthly): An exclusive tier offered at the Manhattan Sky club, this membership comes with access to nine indoor pickleball courts in Manhattan between Sky and PENN 1 (and there's already on a waitlist).

As mentioned, most memberships allow you to visit multiple Lifetime Fitness locations across the country, so long as they're equal to or below your own price point. If you're looking to attend a more expensive club you must upgrade your club access by visiting the front desk or contacting your local Life Time Fitness at For example, a membership in Colorado Springs will give you access to five Life Time Fitness clubs in Arizona, but you'll need to upgrade if you're visiting the one in Scottsdale. Along the same lines, you'll have to upgrade your club access to go to any of the seven clubs in California or the 12 clubs in New York, because they're all more expensive than the Life Time clubs in Colorado Springs. Upgrading will cost a one-time service fee of $10 plus the applicable dues, according to the Life Time FAQs.

Additional Costs

As mentioned, signature members have the option to register early for child care and summer camps. But child care is included with all memberships if a junior membership (a tier ranging from $30-$100 for children 13 and under) is purchased along with it. Kids can also opt to have their own membership at age 12, with a parent or guardian's permission. There are also one-time initiation fees for new members ranging from $49 to $170, although these are occasionally waived depending on the time of year.

Certain Life Time locations offer Beach Club access for the one-time price of $150 per adult member and $75 per junior member (13 and under) for the upcoming 2024 summer season. This fee can be added to your membership after purchase, allowing you access to the outdoor pool area and its corresponding amenities (like towel service, full-service bistro, and water slides). Other services include the Life Time spa, salon, and café, to name a few.

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