Lili Reinhart Gets Candid About Mental Health: "I'm Still Figuring It Out"

Lili Reinhart's honest approach to mental health has made her a beacon for many fans simply because she isn't afraid to speak up. The 21-year-old Riverdale actress doesn't shy away from talking about anxiety, depression, and body dysmorphia, and she recently revealed to Variety that she never stopped to consider her own comfort level when it came to being candid about these issues.

"I just did it," Lili said. "It didn't really matter how many followers I had. I've always kind of spoken up about stuff like that and been very open and honest about it."

Thanks to her iconic character (Betty Cooper) and her relatable nature, Lili's amassed millions of social media followers who gravitate toward her honesty surrounding mental health. Fans approach her at conventions and share personal stories of gratitude, telling her she's changed their lives.

"That's something that I still can't wrap my mind around because I feel like I don't really see that something I'm doing is so important," she admitted. "I've always been aware of depression, anxiety, and body dysmorphia because it's something I've lived with for a while. But being exposed to this industry and so many more people from all around the world, I'm really seeing how closed off people are from talking about it, so it's been a process of learning that what I'm doing is actually helping."

While Lili's helping to end the stigma surrounding mental health, she acknowledges there are things she wishes she'd known when she was younger.

"It's OK to not know what to do," she said when asked about guidance for her younger self. "So my advice would be to not feel so pressured to figure myself out so quickly because, well, I'm still figuring it out." We're certainly grateful Lili always keeps it real; see more examples of her honest championing for mental health ahead.

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