Stay Strong During Your Pregnancy With These Workout Routines on Glow

Fitness expert Lisa Corsello wants to ensure that you and your little ones can move through the world with strength and ease (yes, even with that diaper bag, stroller, AND car seat). Her workout set, LCM Fit Pregnancy and Beyond, is now available on Glow by POPSUGAR.

Lisa created an in-home workout that incorporates weights and functional movements with balance work, perfect for soon-to-be mamas. This will be your go-to workout guide during pregnancy. It tackles all three trimesters and even includes a post-baby plan for recovery. There are modifications in all of the workout plans, so anyone mama can give these routines a go! Lisa will even give you honest real talk about what's happening with your body during every trimester.

Check out some of the workout routines included in the LCM set:

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