Lizzo's TikTok Remind Us the Body Positive Movement Was Created By and For "Big Women"

Lizzo has never been shy when it comes to publicly celebrating her body and inspiring us to love ours, so it didn't surprise us when she posted this TikTok about body positivity. After seeing a video from @sheismarissamatthews saying, "I really don't understand why I can't just exist in my body," Lizzo responds by saying the body positivity movement has been coopted by all bodies. While the media is celebrating all sizes, including medium girls and those who "occasionally get rolls," Lizzo said, "fat people are still getting the short end of this movement." They're still getting "memed, shamed, and no one cares anymore because body positivity is for every body."

Lizzo isn't saying people shouldn't feel positively about their bodies. She just wants to remind us who created this movement in the first place — "big women, big brown and black women, queer women." She said in the caption, "Please use the body positive movement to empower yourself. But we need to protect and uplift the bodies it was created for and by." She added: "Our bodies are none of your f*cking business. Our health is none of your f*cking business."

Here is @sheismarissamatthews's appreciative response to Lizzo's Tiktok: