Lizzo Shared Bikini Photos Taken a Year Apart, but Her Message on Self-Love Is Most Powerful

This past year, Lizzo committed to lifestyle changes, which included cutting back on alcohol, meditating, working out, making smoothies, and transitioning to eating vegan foods. She shared a side-by-side comparison on TikTok but wanted to note that in both pictures, she's happy. She stated that while the Lizzo in February 2020 was traveling and working hard to play shows and make appearances, Lizzo in February 2021 has more time for herself.

"Both girls are happy," Lizzo says in the above video, referencing the two different pictures. "That's the most important part about a lifestyle and loving your body." She concluded, "Shaming people does not make a difference. Loving people for who they are does."

Lizzo's message goes hand in hand with what she's been preaching for a while. Though it's not always so black and white, the artist has learned to celebrate her body. She showcases this, for instance, in a beautiful video where she gives positive self-talk to her belly.

The lifestyle journey Lizzo took in a year's time started from a place of love and continues to come from a place of love, and it's a powerful reminder for anyone: even if you want to make changes to your lifestyle, loving yourself at every step of the way is the most important thing.