This Before-and-After Proves You Don't Have to Be in Love With Fitness

If you think you need to be in love with the gym or be "the sporty type" in order to lose weight, Nikki Rees and her before-and-after photos prove that's not the case. She says, "fitness is not my passion or my calling or naturally part of my gene pool." I mean really, who loves burpees and push-ups and squats while they're happening?

Nikki says, "Although I don't mind exercising a little everyday I really don't LOVE it either but ... and this is the big BUT....I do LOVE how i feel after i workout." She goes on, "I am pretty loop the freakin' loop for feeling the best I've ever felt in my body at the age of 36 and after 2 kids." We can totally relate when she says, "I love the benefits of working out soooo much, that it almost tricks my brain into thinking I love the actual workouts too... but then I do some tuck jumps or jump lunges and I remember pretty quick that NO ... definitely no warm fuzzy fitness feelings here."

So if you're not psyched about your workouts, this post will remind you that that's OK! You don't have to be obsessed with everything fitness in order to get in a good workout, to get stronger, and to feel amazing afterward. Nikki says, "I don't need fitness to be my passion to succeed at it.. All I ever needed was to love MYSELF enough to make it work .."