Looking For a Healthier Aperol Spritz? Loverboy Spritz Is Only 100 Calories

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I know, I know: sorry to burst your bubble. I did some research into how many calories are in an Aperol spritz, and while a lot of sources guesstimate in the 150-calorie to 200-calorie range, that's only for a few ounces. And I don't know about you, but when I make my spritzes at home, I do a generous pour of two parts Aperol and three parts Prosecco into my giant wine glass and top with some club soda. By my estimation (and thanks to the helpful calorie tracker in the Noom app), that's about 300 calories for eight ounces, or even more depending on the pour.

That's not to say I don't still enjoy them — I would rather have a delicious Aperol spritz when I'm craving it than choke down a bland vodka soda — but to avoid going overboard on the caloric drink or sugary Aperol, I try to stick to just one and only every once in a while. Luckily, when I'm in the mood for something sweet and fruity, I found a replacement that's lower in calories and sugar but still delicious.

Loverboy Spritz is a canned cocktail that you may have heard about from the Bravo reality show Summer House. Regular Loverboy is a canned hard sparkling tea beverage, but the spritz is a sparkling drink made with orange wine, fruit puree or fruit juice, and natural flavors. The fact that it comes in small cans makes it perfect for all your favorite summer activities: picnics, beach days, boating, or just hanging out on your deck.

The Mango Peach ($69 for 12) version is most reminiscent of an Aperol spritz, with the peach flavor definitely being the most dominant. It makes me nostalgic for peach season back home in Southern Illinois farm country. Loverboy Spritz also comes in Blueberry Lemon ($69 for 12), which reminds me of the flavored lemonades I used to drink as a kid. At 90-100 calories and two grams of sugar per drink, it's quickly become my new go-to summer beverage that I can enjoy (in moderation, of course) without the sugar crash. Make sure you stock up online: Loverboy Spritz is $23 for a four-pack that's sold in cases of three, so it's $69 per order of 12 cans. That's pricey, but at less than $6 per drink, it's still cheaper than ordering an Aperol spritz at most bars and restaurants.