This 7-Move Dynamic Circuit Will Seriously Get Your Heart Rate Up

May 2 2020 - 8:00am

dynamic exercises

You don't have to be logging dozens of miles each day or signing up for every single streaming class you find online in order to get in a solid workout. Although there are endless benefits to running [1], and at-home fitness classes can be a great way to up your social distancing fitness game, they're not the only way to ensure you get in a heart-pounding workout.

Kaley Hatfield [2], NASM-certified personal trainer and professional dancer, shared this seven-move circuit of low-impact exercises you can do on your own in just 30 minutes. Don't be fooled: just because they're low-impact moves doesn't mean they won't engage the core, legs, hips, arms as well as get that heart rate up. Trust us, we tried it.

So set your watch, put on some energizing tunes, and lace up with some indoor trainers like the UA Charged Breathe TR 2 Training Shoes [4] ($80) — designed to cushion every bit of impact you toss their way — and give these seven moves a shot.

Jumping Jacks Steps

Standing Knee Twist

Bodyweight Punches


Seated Toe Touches

Dead Bugs

Lying Oblique Twists

For an intense workout, repeat each of these exercises in a row. Once you've completed the entire circuit, go through and repeat it three to five times. Of course, you also have the option to add any of these exercises to your warmup of your favorite streaming classes to really kick-start your heart rate.

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