The Internet Can't Stop Talking About Megan Rapinoe's Power Pose — and You'll See Why

If you've watched the 2019 Women's World Cup, you've seen Megan Rapinoe — you can't miss her. The 33-year-old forward runs fast (faster than fast), and her 13 years of experience playing for the USWNT makes her a force on the field. And, whenever she scores a goal — like the two she netted during the June 28 quarterfinal against France — she celebrates (like this).

Megan said on Good Morning America that she thinks of each match as a stage, so she looks at herself as a performer who's "trying to entertain." The power pose she did during that quarterfinal — arms outstretched, chest up — she said, stuck. So much so that it turned into a meme. She continued, "It's sort of a funny playful pose, and we're always looking for good celebrations."

Twitter took Megan's most recent pose in full stride. Ahead, check out a handful of the best memes we could find. For some, her pose was all fun and games. For others, it represented more than just a celebration; it depicted women's undeniable presence and unwillingness to back down from adversity (specifically as it pertains to the US Soccer Federation gender pay gap). Whatever it meant to you, browse through these for inspiration and laughs.

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Rewatch Megan Rapinoe's Goal-Winning Power Pose