These 15 Memes Prove 2 Things: Eating Low-Carb Sucks, and Carbs Are the Best Thing Ever

If going low-carb seems like the worst idea ever because you live for all things carbs, you'll relate to these memes on a very personal level. Maybe you have no concept of how someone could cut carbs or — gasp — go keto! Bagels, pizza, pasta, fresh-baked rolls; you don't discriminate against carbs. You adore them all, and that's why you can completely relate to these memes.

Carbs are my favorite thing!

It's all that was left.


Living without carbs can make us so hangry.

Where's the butter?

Give that girl a roll!

Shop for carbs?

Not happening.

It's like night and day.

Don't even ask what!

Carbs are my BFF.

Carbs really get me, you know?

Oh and bread, too.