Michael Phelps's Savage Prerace Game Face Becomes Instant Internet Hit

It's probably not safe to get between Michael Phelps and the pool — as proven by his vicious prerace face in the Rio Olympics. As Phelps prepared to swim in the men's 200-meter butterfly, he was spotted on camera looking particularly fierce before the race commenced. Apparently not fazed by his opponent, South African swimmer Chad le Clos, who was also warming up in front of him, Phelps's face set the tone for the race. He won and provided the internet with endless fodder for memes (though the face would be debatably better if he had his shirt off). Below are some that made us laugh the most.

when you get to the staff meeting and all the good snacks are gone #PhelpsFace pic.twitter.com/R7MOy1Um51

— Ziwe (@ziwe) August 9, 2016

When class is out but that one kid reminds the teacher he forgot to give homework. #PhelpsFace pic.twitter.com/OodkFBAmjN

— DumpTheClip Media (@grenadez54) August 9, 2016