Born Without Legs, This 23-Year-Old Is Proof Body Confidence Comes From the Inside

"No legs, no limits." That's the motto for Kanya Sesser, 23, who was born without legs. The inspiring and passionate athlete has not only captured the Internet's attention, but also the notice of major bikini and sportswear brands. She makes approximately $1,000 a day modeling for these labels, often showing off her confidence in strong, powerful poses — reminding everyone you don't need legs to be beautiful and fit.

The sports enthusiast even skateboards and swims in her free time and shares her happy photos on social media. Kanya has even started training for the 2018 Winter Paralympics, where she hopes to compete in the mono-ski event. Read on to see more photos of Kanya and you'll see why her drive and determination are inspiring women and fitness-lovers everywhere.