Celebrate Mother's Day Doing One of Your Favorite Things With One of Your Favorite People

POPSUGAR Photography | Louisa Larson
POPSUGAR Photography | Louisa Larson

You love yoga and you love spending time with your littles, so why not combine the two?! Unroll a mat for you and your kiddo(s) and check out these yoga poses you can do together — at any age from babies to teenagers. Some poses are easy and relaxing, while some more challenging moves should be saved for mamas and kids who have been practicing together for a while. And just because these photos show mothers, doesn't mean dad can't get in on the fun, too!

Flying Superhero
POPSUGAR Photography | Louisa Larson

Flying Superhero

Double Dog

Butterflies Stacked

Double Tree

Stand on Mommy

Double Plank

Swaying Straddle

Flying Straddle

Stacked Child's Pose

Two-Humped Camel

Double Sandwich

Double Headstand

Double Arch

Dog on Elbow Plank

Supported Upside-Down Tree

Double L-Stand

Double Bow

Backward Flying

Lifted King Pigeon

Double Tree

Double Crow

Sandwich Plow

Legs Up Mommy

Supported Wheel