Now THIS Is How You Stick It — Watch Morgan Hurd Nail All Her Flips in Her Floor Routine

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In the sport of gymnastics, you'll notice Morgan Hurd for three things: her glasses, her grace, and her dynamic skills. Morgan is the 2017 World all-around champion, and at this weekend's US Gymnastics Championships, she came in fourth overall behind Grace McCallum (third), Sunisa Lee (second), and Simone Biles (first). The 18-year-old and five-time World medalist from Delaware notably finished second on bars and fifth on beam. After a major mistake night one on floor, she came back strong night two with a routine that stood out for its incredible landings.

It's one thing to fly through the air, but to stick skills perfectly is a whole other beast. Above, watch her beautiful toe point, determined composure, and amazing tumbling (that double-twisting double in the beginning is pure gold!). The commentator couldn't have said it better: "That is exactly what champions do. They endure and they overcome, and boy did she." Morgan didn't place in the top three on this event, but she received a 13.750, more than a full point and a half higher than night one. Morgan is contending for Tokyo 2020, and with moves (and stuck landings) like this, we're rooting for her to be one of the four members of Team USA.