This SNL Skit Sums Up What Your Workout Leggings Are REALLY Used For, and I'm Howling

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This one is for all my fellow leggings-lovers out there! Yes, there are the brave souls who use their leggings for the athletic purposes they're intended for, but right now I'm speaking to the hardcore loungers. As Saturday Night Live's hilarious skit reminded me, we're a community and we're . . . strong?

During this week's episode, the show poked fun at those incredibly empowering Nike commercials that we know and love, by offering the option some of us really want: the Pro-Chiller leggings. They're designed for actual feats of endurance but "used for what most women actually do in leggings," because they're not just pants. They're pajamas. They're a napkin. Plus, let's not forget, your leggings need to be able to withstand some serious heat for those "couch panini" nights. That one hits, really, really close to home.

So, let's raise a glass of whatever is within arm's reach to the ladies who rock leggings in races or on various soft surfaces in their home. Kate McKinnon said it best, "Women can do anything they want — and I want to do nothing." I'll stand up and toast y'all when I get up from this couch. Just give me a few more hours.