NFL Player Odell Beckham Jr. Is Back in Action — and Yes, He's Still Sexy AF

Spring is officially here. The days are longer, the sun is brighter, and Odell Beckham Jr. is still sexy. The New York Giants wide receiver is training for the 2018 football season by showing off his sexiness postinjury return to the field. Beckham posted a series of videos to his Instagram and, well, they speak for themselves.

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The video starts off with a healthy Beckham practicing his infamous one-hand catch in a pair of leopard shorts with his sexy leg tattoos on full display. At around the 15-second mark, the real action begins. He takes us through an intense training session — shirtless, of course — consisting of footwork, speed, and running routes. And just as importantly, his amazing body is on full display. How is it possible to be that athletic and fine at the same time?!

The 2018 NFL season is right around the corner, and we're looking forward to more action (and body shots) of Beckham.