How Much Does Peloton Cost, Exactly? Here's a Straightforward Breakdown

Courtesy of Peloton
Courtesy of Peloton
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Among all the at-home fitness companies on the market, Peloton has set itself apart. The fitness company is known for its top-of-the-line equipment and its incredible Peloton instructors who go all out to make each class an energizing experience. And while Peloton costs are known to be high, ask one of the brand's most devoted fans and they'll probably tell you that the Peloton life is worth every cent.

Still, hopping on the Peloton bandwagon can be a significant investment. At first glance, Peloton's prices seem steep. The equipment — which initially included only bikes but now spans a wider range of products — has four-figure price tags. Monthly memberships, which are required to access Peloton classes, add an additional ongoing cost.

But Peloton costs can vary, based on which type of equipment and membership you decide on — and there are options that don't require such a significant investment. Here's a breakdown of the Peloton membership costs and the cost of a Peloton bike, treadmill, rower, and accessories.

Peloton Membership Costs

To maintain access to Peloton classes, you'll need to pay for an ongoing membership. If you don't have your own Peloton bicycle, treadmill, or rower, the most affordable route is to sign up for the Peloton app for phones and other smart devices. The app has plenty of workouts that don't require cardio equipment, and even the workouts that do can be performed on a shared Peloton Bike, Tread, or Row (like if your gym has them). Some Reddit users even use the app to take classes on a non-Peloton bike outfitted with a cadence monitor.

The Peloton app has two membership tiers, and a free version.

  • The first membership tier is Peloton App One ($13 and up). This Peloton membership tier includes strength, yoga, outdoor running, and gym workouts, and three additional equipment workouts per month (meant to be performed on a Peloton Bike, Tread, or Row). It costs $12.99 per month billed monthly, or $129 per year billed annually.
  • The second tier is Peloton App+ ($24 and up). In addition to all the workouts you get with Peloton App One, this membership includes unlimited exercise bike, treadmill, and rower workouts, so if you intend to be working out on a piece of Peloton equipment regularly, you'll need this level. It also includes real-time metrics with Peloton equipment; and exclusive classes with special guests. It rings in at $24 per month or $240 per year.
  • The Peloton App Free lets you try limited cardio equipment and workout classes, but doesn't have the option for live classes.

But if you own a Peloton bicycle, treadmill, or rower and would like to stream classes directly on its screen, you'll need the All-Access Membership.

  • The All-Access Membership is priced at $44 a month and includes the ability to stream classes onto your equipment, as well as the Peloton App+ membership. While you can use the equipment without an All-Access Membership, it's discouraged, since the classes are such a key part of the Peloton experience.

Along with your membership of choice, the up-front cost of purchasing equipment will also factor into how much you'll spend to incorporate Peloton into your workout routine.

Peloton Equipment Costs

New (not refurbished) Peloton bicycles, treadmills, and rowers are eligible for a 30-day at-home trial, which allows you to get a full refund after trying the equipment if you decide not to keep it. Additionally, all of Peloton's pricing for its treadmills, bikes, and rower include delivery and setup. Here's how the prices of all three stack up.

Peloton Bike Cost

If you're interested in purchasing the apparatus that Peloton made its name with, you've got two options: the Peloton Bike ($1,145 and up) or the Peloton Bike+ ($1,995 and up). Further breaking down the price:

  • A new Peloton Bike costs $1,445, while a refurbished Bike costs $1,145.
  • A new Peloton Bike+ costs $2,495, and a refurbished version costs $1,995.
  • You can also rent the Bike and Bike+ for $89 per month and $119 a month, respectively, plus a one-time $150 delivery fee. The rental costs include the bike, biking shoes, and an App+ membership.

Additional information about the cost of the Peloton indoor bicycles:

  • The Bike+ is more expensive because it's an enhanced version of the Peloton Bike. The Bike+ features a rotating touch screen, auto-resistance that adjusts to instructor callouts, enhanced audio and bluetooth connectivity, and a USB-C port rather than the Bike's micro USB port for charging devices.
  • The refurbished models offer cost savings, but one downside is that they aren't eligible for the free trial, and can't be returned.

Peloton Treadmill Cost

Just as with its bikes, Peloton sells a more basic Peloton Tread ($2,995) and a souped up version, the Peloton Tread+ ($5,995).

By comparison, the Tread+ has a softer, cushioned slat belt; larger touch screen; a "free mode" that allows you to move the treadmill with your feet; a higher incline range (15% vs. 12.5%); and a larger belt area (measuring 10 ft. x 6 ft. vs. 8 ft. x 5 ft.).

Peloton Row Cost

If you want to purchase a rower from Peloton, the choice will be easier: the company only offers the Peloton Row ($2,995). It features a swivel touchscreen and an upright wall anchor for compact storage.

Additional Peloton Costs to Keep in Mind

While membership fees and your bike/treadmill/rower purchase will make up the bulk of your expense to use Peloton, there are a few additional costs that can impact the overall price.

  • Peloton shoes. If you purchase a bike, you'll also need to cop shoes that fit the Peloton bike; that is, shoes that work with Delta-compatible cleats to wear when you ride. Peloton makes cycling shoes, but you can purchase Delta cleats and affix them to any bike shoes with a corresponding three-hole set-up on the bottom.
  • Peloton weights. Some Peloton classes also utilize dumbbells for strength exercises. Any weights will do, but Peloton sells its own dumbbells ($55-$155), which are also available on Amazon ($55-$192). Peloton's bikes, treadmills, and rower all have bundle options, which include the brand's bike shoes and/or weights at a discount.
  • Peloton Guide. Peloton also sells a "AI-powered personal trainer," the Peloton Guide ($195), which uses a camera to track your reps and the amount of weight you use.

Where to Buy Peloton Products

In addition to, you can now buy Peloton equipment on Amazon. The online retailer sells:

The Bottom Line About Peloton Prices

There's no quick and easy answer to how much Peloton costs. If you're strictly interested in yoga classes, you can get by with a $13 monthly app membership, while a Tread+ costs nearly $6,000 before membership costs. Ultimately, people who love Peloton really love Peloton — but you'll want to factor in upfront equipment costs, your preferred membership tier, and the extent to which you value convenience and engaging instructors to decide if it's worth the money for you.

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