A Review of Peloton's New Treadmill Class . . . From a Non-Runner Herself

I'm going to get this right out there and say that I am by no means a runner. For some, the weight room is daunting, but for me, it's undoubtedly the treadmill that makes me shake. It's not the cardio itself, I literally could rock on an elliptical unbothered for hours, and back-to-back indoor cycling classes are a dream come true, but man, that treadmill is another story. When I was invited to try out a class at the new Peloton Tread Studio in Manhattan, I knew I had to attend. Because like any group fitness junkie can attest to, being held accountable is enough to get you to the class. And what better way to face your fear than in a dark class full of strangers?!

While the Peloton Tread Studio is new to Manhattan, just like the well-known stationary Peloton bike, runners who purchase the treadmill can stream classes from the 32" screen attached to the machine. The classes are 45-60 minutes, but the time flies, and that says a lot coming from someone who typically counts down every second while running.

Maybe it's the construction of the Peloton Tread itself, or the way the running class was broken up into segments on and off the treadmill, but I walked out of the class with a newfound appreciation to the machine I avoided for so long. (Until the morning, when I wobbled, thanks to a serious case of soreness.) More about the full-body workout and the impressively smooth treadmill ahead.

Source: POPSUGAR Photography

The Peloton Tread

If you've ever been on a Peloton bike, you understand how smooth the ride is. The same goes for the low-impact Peloton Tread. Running can be hard on your joints, but the shock-absorbing rubber treadmill made for a smooth and comfortable stride. One of the biggest struggles in the gym is the time it takes to switch between different moves, or to turn up your resistance on a machine without wiping out. The Tread has two accessible knobs inside each arm of the treadmill to control speed and incline . . . and calling them "knobs" does not do them justice because I felt like a sweaty DJ rotating turntables to get the most out of my workout. There's no stopping to click a few buttons, or having to move your devices around from the display of the machine to turn up the intensity. All it takes is a swipe away from you or toward you to switch things up.

The Workout

The 45-minute class I took with Master Tread Instructor Rebecca Kennedy was broken into segments both on and off the treadmill. The first treadmill segment started with a warm-up and then more intense pushes. The first strength training portion came next, with medium weights (I started with 5-pounds and then swapped for 10-pounds) we did a series of moves such as weighted squats and different plank variations, as well as glute and arm work.

There is ample space surrounding the treadmill for you to spread out and do your thing for an effective workout. Now, back to the treadmill for sprints! Just like a cycling class or a workout you're doing on your own, the instructor will give a range of speeds to stay between, but only you are in control of what you put in and get out of the workout. For the second floor portion, we did abs and wrapped up with stretching. One step off the machine and I knew soreness was imminent.

Overall Impression

Whether you're in the studio or taking one of the 5,000 on-demand Peloton Tread class from the comfort of your own home, the energy levels are motivating, the sweat is dripping, and the muscles are absolutely burning. My non-runner worries and anxiety-filled thoughts evaporated every time the instructor guided us to do something new. It's a great workout for people at all levels and has the comfort and enjoyable experience of the Peloton cycling classes. 10/10 would do it again!

The Peloton Tread is available for pre-order and will begin shipping in Fall.