What Did This Trainer Do When She Was Stuck at an Airport For 7 Hours? Work Out, of Course

When you have a long flight layover, you probably read a book, scroll through social media, take a nap, or try not to eat all the snacks you packed for the next flight (is that just me?). Personal trainer Kaisa Keranen, MS, NASM, however, made us all feel lazy when she filled her airport downtime with a workout.

During a seven-hour stretch at the airport, Kaisa managed to fit in a circuit using her bodyweight, an airport bench, and her backpack for extra weight. She posted the workout on her Instagram, and it featured jumps on the bench, lunges, squats, and jabs. Luckily for Kaisa, the airport was virtually empty so she could work out in peace. (The same can't be said for LaGuardia, which is always packed with grumpy travelers and annoyed New Yorkers).

"When you are stuck at the airport for 7+ hours you find all types of ways to spend time #JustMove," she wrote in her Instagram caption. Take a cue from our printable workout you can do anywhere and move your body, especially when you're stuck in the same place for seven hours!