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Elyaihu Elyaihu 5 years
chef legere, I caught the "fatty" part of the meat recommendation but there was no rationale for the recommendation being part of a weight loss issue. Heck, you don't even say that you cut out fatty meats from your diet entirely to achieve your weight loss. \u00a0 The article says that meat is linked to cancer and reduction of life span. This is my "beef" with the article. It is inconsistent because all of the other "worst foods for weight loss" actually explain why the food will sabotage weight loss. If the author believes that high fat or fatty foods cause overweight or obesity, she should say so and I don't see why fatty meat would be different from any other high fat food. Does the author truly believe saturated fat (specifically from animal sources?) makes a person more fat than unsaturated fat? Both are equally nutritionally dense (9 calories per gram as opposed to 4 calories per gram in proteins and carbs). My experience is that fat, even fatty meats, are very satiating and generally do not interfere weight loss efforts when portion controlled. I have lost eighty pounds and I started eating some fattier meats later in my weight loss efforts. I don't eat them daily or in excess but the research is inconclusive as to whether animal fat will kill you. Exercise usually reduces the effects of unhealthy habits and foods as exercisers such as you and I have slightly less reason to eliminate every suspected vice from our diet. I usually roll my eyes every time the media jumps on a newly published research study about a food being good/bad for us because science doesn't draw conclusions from single studies. I have no problem eating things in moderation that humans clearly were not meant to eat in huge amounts, but doctors have been handing out recommendations about red meat, egg and sodium consumption long before they had any research to back them up. \u00a0 I think it's annoying that the author is seemingly getting off topic and is seemingly trying to make a statement. I would have withheld my criticism if there some...ANY explanation of how fatty meat is bad for weight loss.
chef-legere chef-legere 5 years
They listed "Fatty Meats" as the culprit. I was suspicious about this but read the article. I do agree that overall you need to cut down on "Fatty Meats". Unfortunately they posted beef as the only "fatty meat" poster child. Pork is much higher on pound per pound basis. I was borderline obese 1 year ago. From a man that used to run marathons to a fat out of shape slob in just 6 years time. The Doctor called me a "fat ass", we have a very non PC relationship that I appreciate, anyways he ordered me to lose 30 LBs ASAP. I am glad to say that I lost 47 LBS and close too my marathon weight from 7 years ago. Did I cut out beef? Absolutely not, Did I cut down on meats in general and increase whole grains, fruits and vegetables, big time yes. Within 6 months I lost 25 LBS without lifting a finger of exercise. Since then I have started up my exercise regimen to shave off the remaining pounds and feel great.
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