If Hustlers Just Made You Want to Hit the Gym, Check Out These 14 Pole Dancing Workouts

Oct 4 2019 - 8:35am

With the success of Hustlers [1], pole dancing has gone even more mainstream — but many fitness enthusiasts knew of it as a creative and effective way to stay fit long before Jennifer Lopez showed audiences the ropes [2]. Pole dancing requires a lot of strength, balance, and coordination [3], making it a great workout if you're looking for something new to try. If you don't feel quite up to taking your first pole fitness class [4] yet, there are tons of YouTube videos that can help you get a feel for what one might be like. We've rounded up more than a dozen pole workouts, ranging from short bursts of strength training to longer combination tutorials — browse them for yourself!

Pole Dance Workout For Beginners by Suyin Monette

Pole Dancing Workout by MeganBatoon

Pole Dancing Workout Routine Vol. 1 / Level 1 by Dragonfly

Pole Fitness Workout Routine Vol. 2 / Level 2 by Dragonfly

Pole Dance Spins For Beginners by Pole Fitness

3 Quick Pole Dance Strength Exercises by PoleFreaks

Pole Dance Core Workout by Anete Blaua

Pole Dancing Workout by Fit Gear

Shoulder Mount Conditioning and Dynamic Combination Tutorial by Anete Blaua

Power Pole Combination Workout by Anete Blaua

Pole Workout Vol. 3 / Level 2 by Vertigo Pole Fitness

Pole Dancing Workout Class by Fun Pole Fitness

Pole Dancing Strength Moves by PoleFreaks

Total Pole Fitness Workout Vol. 1 by Vertigo Pole Fitness

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