These Healthy Kale Toasts Are the Prettiest Breakfast Trend to Hit Instagram

After wowing us with her gorgeous mermaid and unicorn toasts, food stylist Adeline Waugh is ditching the mythical creatures and stealing our hearts with yet another healthy edible masterpiece: plant toast! I have to admit these picturesque treats are about 10 times prettier than me, even on my best days. But I'm not even one bit mad about it.

The Florida-based photographer and toast connoisseur crafted these one-of-a-kind toasts by smearing beet-infused almond milk cream cheese on a slice of bread and topping it with kale, which she cut and shaped to mimic cacti and leaves. For the cactus toast specifically, she carefully placed sesame seeds on top to look like the plant's sharp spines. But that's not all! None of Adeline's gorgeous toast creations are complete without a sprinkling of edible gold leaf for a shimmery touch.

Though Adeline's kale toasts are totally edible (and healthy!), the food stylist was pretty straightforward and admitted they probably wouldn't really taste that great. "No, I haven't eaten these and no, they probably wouldn't taste supergood; plant toast is here for the aesthetics," she wrote in one of her Instagram posts. But hey, we respect her creativity and eye for nutritious ingredients. Is Instagram-worthy toast the top breakfast trend of 2017? It's looking like a resounding yes.