Easy Ways to Recharge the Body and Mind

The following post was originally featured on Jill Conyers and written by Jill Conyers, who is part of POPSUGAR Collective.

POPSUGAR Photography | Maria del Rio

Recharge the body and mind by giving yourself permission to press pause on whatever you're doing. Take a deep breath, be still, and quiet the mind.

It's time to recharge and feel a boost of energy and a surge of motivation.

You know that feeling. Life is good, but you're just not feeling that umph that gets you through the day with a calm feeling and smile on your face. Making the time to rest and recharge is important to prevent burnout and keep stress levels low.

How do you recharge your body and mind? How do you return that calm feeling?

The most obvious answers might be get a massage, go to the beach, or go for a hike in the mountains, right? Those things are all wonderful and sure to recharge, but how do you practice a little self-care and recharge day-to-day and often with limited time?

Listen to your positive voice. As Henry Ford once said, "Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right." Our thoughts are extremely powerful and, good or bad, they create our perspective of ourselves and the world around us. Be aware of your self-talk and keep the positive and see the negative for what it is.

There's a reason you feel so good after exercising. Engaging in heart pumping, sweaty exercise for 20 to 30 minutes releases feel-good chemicals in the brain — serotonin, adrenaline, and endorphins — and has been shown to greatly improve mood.

Visualize yourself accomplishing a goal. Close your eyes and form as clear a mental picture as possible. See yourself smiling and feel how great you will feel. Do this for a few minutes every morning to recharge and get ready for the day in a positive mood.

Spend time every day doing something you're passionate about. We spend time daily doing things that we just have to do, clean the house, work stuff, etc. Doing the things we're not passionate about and HAVE to do isn't so bad if you spend time each day doing what you love. The feelings of doing something you're passionate about lasts beyond the time you're actually doing it.

Give yourself a digital detox. Unplugging resets and refocuses appreciation and gratitude for our lives.

Essential oils can calm, center, and energize you by reducing the effects of stress and mental fatigue. Rosemary, juniper berry, clary sage, and peppermint revive the senses while citrus oils like lemon, orange, or pink grapefruit balance emotions and energize. Add a few drops to a warm bath or diffuser or light a candle that has been scented with rejuvenating essential oils.