Try This Horror Movie Drinking Game — With Squats Instead of Shots

Have you ever played a drinking game while watching a movie or TV show? We're taking it to the next level — or rather, a healthier place — with this scary movie fitness challenge.

Think of this as interval training meets a drinking game. At the end of 90 to 120 minutes (depending on your film of choice), you'll have completed a killer (get it?) total body workout. You should have plenty of breaks in between your exercises, so it'll keep this game challenging but totally doable. Make sure you have water on hand, too (every time you feel the urge to shovel popcorn in your mouth, take a sip of water!). Need some ideas on where to start, movie-wise? Try any of these horror movies you can stream on Netflix.

Without further ado, the Scary Movie Fitness Challenge:

  1. The car doesn't start: 10 bicycles
  2. Someone can't make a phone call: 15 jumping jacks
  3. Someone runs away: Run in place, 30 seconds
  4. Someone falls down while running: Run in place, 60 seconds (don't fall down)
  5. There's a loud noise, but nothing bad happens: 1 tuck jump
  6. There's a loud noise, and something bad DOES happen: 10 sit ups
  7. Someone does something unquestionably stupid: 10 burpees
  8. Someone misses a clear opportunity to be rescued/save the day/escape: Hold a 45 second plank
  9. Ghost, zombie, monster, or mythological creature appears: Hold a 15 second plank
  10. A group of people splits up: 10 reverse lunges
  11. Someone screams: 10 russian twists
  12. Someone is attacked: 5 push-ups
  13. Gory scene: 20 lunges
  14. Someone dies: 20 squats
  15. Someone you thought died is actually the killer: 10 squats per death
  16. The killer/villain dies: Victory dance
  17. The ending hints at a sequel or has a cliffhanger: 15 mountain climbers

Bonus: if you're feeling scared at the end of the movie, at least you'll be strong enough to fight someone/something off or run away! You just got so much practice!