A Trainer Explains Why You Aren't Building Muscle and How to Fix It (Workout Included!)

By now, you've probably heard that strength training is a great way to lower your body-fat percentage and build lean muscle, but there are a few caveats. If you never change the stimulus (exercises, reps, sets, and weight), your body composition won't change.

To help you get the results you're after, Australia-based trainer and influencer Shona Vertue shared an intense full-body workout on her Instagram. In her caption, she explained, "As a heavily generalized observation that I witness in gyms; men choose weights they can't lift properly and women choose weights they can lift too easily. The result is either injury (in the case of men) and/or no adaptation or results (in women)."

In order to see changes in your body composition, Shona said, "Choose heavy dumbbells that you can lift with good form." If at any point during the workout you notice your form is falling apart, use lighter weights. Now it's time to work!

The Full-Body Workout

"Repeat each move four times for 40 seconds on and 20 seconds off, with 60 seconds between each exercise," she said. If you want an extra challenge, Shona said to repeat the workout for a total of two rounds.