ICYMI: Simone Biles Yawned Before Performing a Vault No Woman Has Ever Done Before

Getty | Tim Bradbury

While you were at the pumpkin patch, apple picking, or just chilling this weekend, Simone Biles was busy making history. At the USA Gymnastics 2018 World Team Selection Camp this past weekend, Simone unveiled a new vault that no woman has ever done before.

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Her vault consisted of a round-off onto the board, a half turn onto the table, and two half twists. Now, if you've never done gymnastics, or don't really follow the sport, it may sound like we're speaking a foreign language, but trust us when we say it translates to: Simone is a badass.

In order to fully comprehend what she just did, here's what you need to know. Before this weekend, Simone was performing the vault with one half twist, called the Cheng after Cheng Fei of China, who first performed it in 2005, Deadspin reported. She's been training full-time just shy of a year, and she's upped the difficulty of all four events since the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Oh, and before she completed the vault, it had only been performed by men, mic drop.

Her Twitter fans got in on the excitement, pointing out the fact that she yawned before executing the vault, and their reactions are spot-on.