If You're Struggling to Find a Diet That Helps You Lose Weight, Follow This Simple 4-Part Plan

Should I eat keto? Paleo? Plant-based? High-protein? The truth is, what you eat isn't as important as how much. Fat-loss coach Carter Good (@cartergood on Instagram) explained in a recent Instagram post, "Any diet can and does work . . . If, and only if, it gets one thing right — it creates a calorie deficit."

You can't be in a calorie deficit for just one day or one week and expect to see life-changing results — you have to be in a calorie deficit consistently over a long period. "And the consistency part is on you," Carter said.

How you fuel your body shouldn't be complicated, so don't stress if you feel like you should be eating low-carb but you can't live without bread. The best diet for you is the one that you can follow with as little effort as possible, while still reaching your goals.

If you're struggling to find an eating plan that's sustainable, that gives you enough energy for life and for workouts, that allows you to sleep well, feel happy, and lose weight, Carter shared this simple four-part plan you can apply to your diet to help reach your goals:

  • Most of the time, avoid processed junk, refined sugars, and sugary drinks. "Once in a blue moon is fine, but never is better," Carter said.
  • One to two times a week should be the max for drinking alcohol or eating not-so-healthy foods at restaurants.
  • When you're on the go, bring along light, nutritious snacks, such as protein bars, fruit, and protein shakes to prevent reaching for junk food.
  • Every single day, your diet should be comprised of healthy, whole foods, such as fruits, veggies, lean protein, whole grains, healthy fats like avocado and nuts, and zero-calorie beverages.

"The goal of it all is to help you eat fewer calories by default and eat more nutritious foods that make you look and feel better," Carter said. He recommends trying this simple four-part plan for three to six months, and you'll be on your way to reaching your weight-loss goals.