12 Things You Never Knew About SoulCycle, From an Instructor

SoulCycle addicts: you've got your favorite bike, favorite instructor, favorite studio . . . but do you know all there is to know about your gloriously white-and-yellow, grapefruit-scented studio? They'll celebrate your birthday with you, hook you up with socks (or anything else you forgot to bring), and even go so far as to make sure your SmartWater is perfectly prepped for your drinking convenience. Don't know what we mean by that? Dive into these fun facts and Soul secrets we grabbed from Natalie, one of our favorite instructors from San Francisco.

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  1. You Can Listen to Soul Music All Week Long. Love the music from class? Take it home! "Every single playlist is unique and put together by us, the instructors! So if you are dying to know a track we played in class, just ask us," Natalie told us. Instructors have playlists on Spotify and Soundcloud and are always happy to share their favorite tunes.
  2. They'll Throw You One Heck of a Birthday Party. Did you know that they'll decorate the studio for your birthday? Some studios have brought in cake for a post-ride treat, and others bring the birthday girl (or bachelorette) up to the podium to ride with the instructor. "We love celebrating YOU!" said Natalie. "Instructors will host birthday rides, bachelorette rides, anniversary rides — you name it." She added, "We have been known to customize the treat at the end of class with everything from a doughnut to a green juice to a mini bottle of champagne — you can put a candle in anything!"
  3. They "De-Tab" Your Water. A small but noble deed — did you ever notice that your SmartWater bottles are so easy to just pop open? "Our awesome front desk team de-tabs all the Smartwaters so our riders don't have to. Whenever I get a Smartwater from somewhere other than SoulCycle I struggle to open it and I'm reminded how helpful this small gesture is."
  4. Waitlists Aren't a Wall. "Our waitlists actually work!" said Natalie. "I teach 'rooster' classes every morning and you'd be surprised how many people are no-shows because they've overslept; it happens! If you're on the waitlist, show up, and there's a good chance we will get you on a bike." I can attest to this — this morning I got into a class that had sold out in 42 seconds (not kidding, I watched it happen!), by grabbing a spot on the waitlist 30 minutes prior. The class? Master Instructor Janet Fitzgerald. Worth the wait (list).
  5. They Want You to Have Your Favorite Bike. Did you know there's another list beyond the wait list? SoulCycle has a "move list" for those who are more particular about their favorite bike. "If you didn't get the bike of your dreams Monday at noon, no sweat," Natalie said. "Just call the studio and ask to be put on the move list so if the bike you want opens up, they can switch you."
  1. Even Stationary Bikes Need Tune-Ups. To ensure your bikes are always riding smoothly (and safely), they've got a team of bike mechanics in place. "They check in on each studio throughout the week and test out every bike to make sure they are properly functioning," Natalie told us.
  2. The Zen Feeling Starts From the Top. The spiritual vibes aren't just in the studio. "All SoulCycle corporate meetings begin with a three-minute meditation," said Natalie. Namaste.
  3. SoulCycle Thrives on Community. Some instructors get coffee with their riders after class, and form bonds that extend far beyond the studio. SoulCycle also created a scholarship program for underserved kids in the New York and Washington DC communities called "SoulScholarship" — SoulScholars ride in class twice a week (amazing), they are paired up with a mentor from SoulCycle HQ, they take workshops on résumé building, job readiness, and nutrition. Employees and instructors also partake in "Soulteering" yearly, in which they give back to their local communities. AND, if you're new to an area, some SoulCycles have "community guides" that detail places to get food after a ride in your new neighborhood.
  4. On Wednesdays We Wear SoulCycle Clothes. "Instructors look forward to the first Wednesday of every month because that's when our studios put out a whole new line of retail," Natalie said. I can verify this, too — I saw all the new stuff this morning, and it's fire. All the palm trees.
  5. That Heavenly SoulCycle Smell? It Can Be Yours to Keep. The grapefruit-scented candles are specially made for SoulCycle by Jonathan Adler (so luxury) and can be purchased at each studio, so you can both listen to Soul tunes and breathe in Soul smells at home. All the Soul, all the time.
  6. You Can Get Your OWN SoulCycle Bike. If you're fully obsessed, for a cool $2,200, you can literally turn your home into SoulCycle. "Little known fact is that we also sell the SoulCycle bike — riders can purchase the bike to have in their own home," Natalie noted.
  7. Each Studio Is Stocked With Necessities. From spray-on deodorant to fully-stocked showers with every amenity, you could basically live in the studio (assuming you haven't acquired the bike and brought Soul home with you. "Every studio has gum, ear plugs and hair ties on the front desk, but many people don't know that we also have a stash of bobby pins upon request," Natalie said. Also, if you forget to bring socks to class, don't freak out — "we always have a supply of socks for sale — in gray or white!" Speaking of which, if you're renting shoes all the time, just buy them! Natalie told us that if you're riding all the time, "you can purchase your own SoulCycle shoes from any studio."