Build a Strong Booty With This Simple Stability Ball Move — Kelly Ripa's Trainer Swears By It!

Step aside, boring ol' squats and lunges. We just discovered a new butt exercise that's about to take our derrieres to the next freakin' level of sculpted. Fitness expert Anna Kaiser, who's been training notably fit TV personality Kelly Ripa for 10 years now, recently shared an innovative move dubbed the Stability Ball Booty Press with her Instagram followers, and we can't wait to try it the next time we hit the gym.

In the above video, Anna and one of her AKT In Motion trainers, Lauren Sambataro, balance belly down atop silver stability balls with their hands firmly planted on the ground in front of them and their heels touching. They simply pulsate their heels towards the ceiling over and over again while keeping the rest of their bodies engaged and as still as possible. Though the exercise may look easy peasy lemon squeezy, Anna assured her followers that it's very beneficial in the journey to building your dream booty. "These subtle hip lifts will make a BIG impact in the long run," she wrote in the caption, adding that you'll definitely "feel the burn in your hamstrings and glutes."

Anna suggested starting with 50 pulses of her so-called Stability Ball Booty Press, though you can add more reps as you continue to build up strength. Next time you're passing by the rack of stability balls at the gym, be sure to grab one of 'em, plop it down on en exercise mat, and try out this effective move to fire up your backside. We highly recommend blasting "Bootylicious" by Destiny's Child in your headphones the whole time.