Ditching Tampons Might Make You More Likely to Go to the Gym

Never feel like hitting the gym when it's that time of the month? A new study found that using alternative types of period protection may make a difference in your motivation levels. Our friends at Shape explored the study, and here's what they discovered.

Getty | Loic Venance

When you're on your period, heading to the gym can feel like the worst. And we're totally guilty of using the whole I'm-worried-I-might-leak-in-my-yoga-pants excuse as a reason to stay home and binge on Netflix instead of heading to our regular sweat session. (Find out What Your Period Means for Your Workout Schedule.) But the type of period protection (tampons versus pads versus menstrual cups) you use might make a difference for your gym motivation, according to a new survey from Intima, a Swedish feminine care brand.

Intima surveyed over 1,500 women between the ages of 20 and 34 from 40 countries around the world and found that 42 percent of women felt that using a menstrual cup made them more likely to work out during that time of the month. Menstrual cup users also reported an 84 percent increase in confidence and a 73 percent boost in comfort — two things you desperately need when cramps threaten to keep you away from your regular cardio. (Should You Trade Your Tampons for Menstrual Cups?)

And that's not all they found. Over a quarter of menstrual cup users said their sex lives improved when they switched from tampons, and almost half said they get a better night's sleep than they used to. Sounds good to us!

The lifestyle benefits might have something to do with the fact that you can wear a cup for up to 12 hours (as opposed to a tampon's eight-hour max) and therefore don't have to stress as much over potential leaks. Menstrual cup users are also saving big bucks when they switch from tampons. Over 10 years, the average tampon user will spend $700, while maintaining a reusable menstrual cup over a decade will cost you just $40. That's a lot of #treatyoself period brownies you could buy instead. (Psst... Why Is Everyone So Obsessed with Periods Right Now?)

If you've never tried a menstrual cup before, it might be time to give it a go — at least when you're feeling tempted to skip the gym.

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