You Can Follow Our Summer Shape-Up Plan No Matter Where You Are

This year, you will own Summer! So start the season strong and sculpted by following our 21-Day Summer Shape-Up Challenge. These video workouts are so convenient — you can do them anywhere. And so you never miss a scheduled sweat sesh, here are three ways to find, follow, and get your workout on.

POPSUGAR Photography

On POPSUGAR Fitness: Just bookmark the Summer Shape-Up Challenge on our site and come back daily to work out.

On Our App: If you're on the go, you can following the challenge on our app, POPSUGAR Active. Just click the challenge tab on the app and, presto, you can join the fun via your iPhone or iPad.

On YouTube: Are you an Apple TV addict? You can find the Summer Shape-Up Challenge on YouTube, too. We made a playlist of all the workouts so you can easily follow the plan.

Now get at it!