Play This Super Bowl-Themed Workout Game at Your Party, and Burn Off Those Chips and Dip

Super Bowl Sunday may typically be about drinking beer, eating a lot of game-day food, and generally not giving a sh*t about your health. Well, we're here to make your Super Bowl party on Feb. 3 a little more interesting, regardless of which team you're rooting for: the San Francisco 49ers or the Kansas City Chiefs.

Ahead, you'll find what looks like it could be a drinking game, but instead is a workout game! Every time one of the things on the list happens, you (and whichever of your friends you convince to play with you) have to do whatever the workout requires. By the end of what will most likely be a very, very long game, you should be feeling nice and sweaty — and a lot better about the chicken wing, or 10, you snacked on during halftime.

  1. There's a shirtless man on screen and his belly is painted: 10 push-ups
  2. Someone mentions Tom Brady: 5 sit-ups
  3. A commercial leaves you a little choked up: 20 bicycles
  4. Touchdown!: 30-second plank
  5. One of your friends spills their beer out of excitement: 12 lunges
  6. A fight breaks out on the field: 10 burpees
  7. One of the coaches is livid: 15 squats
  8. Jennifer Lopez or Shakira makes a costume change: 10 jumping jacks
  9. The crowd boos: Run in place for 30 seconds
  10. A play is under review: 10 second wall sit
  11. Close-up shot of the cheerleaders: 10 Russian twists
  12. A celebrity pops up in a commercial: 15 sit-ups
  13. Someone makes a reference to "sunny" or "beautiful" Miami: 8 tuck jumps
  14. A fan is "flossing" on the big screen: 60-second plank
  15. One of the players cries: 20 calf raises