The Best Dieting Advice You'll Hear This Thanksgiving

For anyone on a diet, Thanksgiving can be a pretty stress-inducing holiday. Anxiety sets in as you wonder if your plate has hit the 2,000-calorie mark or if you should to take that second helping of mashed potatoes, knowing they contain butter and cream. Guess what? It's OK to take that second helping.

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Thanksgiving is a one-day event, which means it can be sandwiched between a routine of healthy eats and workouts. While you shouldn't treat the day as an eating competition, it's definitely the time to let go of any guilt you may have based around food. So take a breath, give yourself a break, and enjoy the holiday. The last thing you want to do is deprive yourself, which can often be a catalyst for overeating later.

Our advice? Start the day off with one of these healthy, high-protein breakfasts, fit in a morning workout if you can, and then enjoy all that homemade goodness when dinner rolls around. Come Friday, if you're feeling like you went a bit too overboard, you can always find simple, safe, and healthy ways to give your body a little detox.