Things I Cried About During My Period: A Review of Irrational Moments

Like many, many women, I have a period. And with this period, there are consequences. I become even more of an #emotionalcreature (I'm highly emotional without it). It is like a little monster is inside my brain and my heart telling me to do things that don't usually make sense. Another little monster is downstairs punching my ovaries. And when these monsters are renting out space, I tend to cry and scream. A lot.

Sorry, Mom. Sorry, boyfriend. Sorry, car that cut me off.

So this week it happened. And in typical fashion, I got a little more worked up than usual. Sometimes, I think my period follows the same rule as "drunk words, sober thoughts." It helps me get out those feelings I suppress the rest of the month, and it shows me all the crazy things I care about. Thanks, period. But no thanks for the fatigue, cramps, and cravings.

So, here are 20 things I cried about during my period week.

  1. I ran out of foundation.
  2. The song "These Days" by Jackson Browne came on, then I played it on repeat on my way to work. And sang along to it while crying and pretending my life is a movie.
  3. I drank more wine than I wanted to on Friday and I was mad at myself. And then I drunk-called my mom to let her know how upset I was.
  4. There's a video of a cute spider on YouTube.
  5. Climate change.
  6. Any news notification on my iPhone, good or bad.
  7. A nasty email someone else received. It wasn't even addressed to me. I was not on copy. Someone simply showed it to me to vent, and I just couldn't understand why people are so harsh, you know?
  8. Children walking to a field trip downtown. So innocent, lives ahead of them, enjoying the world and all it has to offer as I drive to my cubicle.
  9. It rained.
  10. I had a great day.
  11. My new kind of gluten-free bread wouldn't toast and I'm just trying to take care of my body, dammit!
  12. I watched three episodes of This Is Us (which, like, why? Why would I do that to myself? That show makes me sob when I'm OFF my period).
  13. I saw a fat squirrel. And I was just happy that he had enough to eat. And then I got upset that there are starving people in the world but this squirrel is fat.
  14. I ate half a bag of Cheetos and most of my mom's candy dish.
  15. I saw a tiny tea set. Because anything miniature-sized apparently makes me have ~feelings~.
  16. A Subaru commercial.
  17. A little old man was driving, and this guy was on his bumper being a jerk. LEAVE OLD PEOPLE ALONE. He's heading to pick up his prescription, he's going to see his daughter, he's just trying to live his life. He's probably someone's GRANDFATHER. There are four lanes on the highway. Go around him. Actually, I'm still fired up about that one.
  18. I reread my journal from the past year.
  19. I met a man (in passing) who had self-published and he was marketing his book, and I was like, "Good for you, guy, follow your dreams," and I was just so proud of him I cried.
  20. Half my twinkle lights around my headboard blew out. I just sat facing my headboard, crying, for about 20 minutes.

I'm sure there were more. I don't think I have any tears left.