If Your Workouts Look Different Every Day, This 10-Minute Cooldown Is For You

Aug 6 2020 - 5:25am

No two days are alike when it comes to my fitness routine, except for my cooldowns. Since I rotate between barre, Pilates [1], yoga, and jogs to prevent workout boredom, I need a one-size-fits-all cooldown to keep me feeling good.

"Simplicity is the key [to any cooldown]," Holly Strickland — a NASM-certified personal trainer and franchise partner with Burn Boot Camp Naples [2] — says. In her opinion, it only takes 5-10 minutes to help with recovery, soreness, and injury prevention.

That's why the expert's 10-minute cooldown plan is my go-to — there are really no excuses as to why I can't make time to do it after any sweat. Strickland says it can be used for anything from running [3] to leg day.

"During this portion of the workout, we are slowing [the] heart rate [4] down and stretching out the muscles we used during the workout," Strickland explains.

See for yourself how effective, easy, and adaptable Strickland's cooldown is by completing one to two rounds of the stretching [5] routine, ahead. Spend 45-90 seconds on each movement with no rests in-between — unless your body starts telling you otherwise.

Cross Body — Side-to-Side

"It is important to get your heart rate down first before moving to the ground movements," Strickland says — and this move does just that.

Runners Lunge With a Reach

Here, Strickland wants you to feel the stretch throughout your lower body, hips, and core.

Cobra to Down Dog

You're really targeting your lower back and core during this full-body stretch, Strickland says.

Hands to Feet

According to Strickland, your hamstrings and back will thank you for this stretch.

Chest Stretch

As you can tell by its name, this stretch will help open up your chest, Strickland notes.

Torso Twist

"Finish off these movements with a feel-good, ready-for-the-day move," Strickland says of this full-body stretch.

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