Try This Total-Body Sliders Workout on Any Hard Surface at Home

Mar 27 2020 - 9:00am

Roll up your yoga mat and put your dumbbells to the side — this at-home routine is all about utilizing sliders for a low-impact, total-body workout. According to Stef Corgel [1], a NASM-certified personal trainer and Tone It Up App [2] trainer, slider discs are one of the most effective exercise tools.

"Sliders can be used to achieve a total-body burn or to target smaller, more specific stabilizing muscles," she said.

When you use sliders, you're not only working on stability but also your endurance and flexibility. Sending love to your aching joints, sliders eliminate the impact or pounding on the body sometimes experienced in higher-intensity exercises, Corgel explained.

If you already own a set of sliders, the only other things you need to do are break out your favorite leggings and secure a space on a flat, hard surface — this will allow the slider to glide across the floor with ease. However, Tone It Up's Slide 'N Sculpt Discs [3] ($13) are designed to be used on carpet, too.

After completing the warmup below, follow along with Corgel's total-body slider workout to feel the burn.


Plank Slide-Out

This exercise sculpts your entire upper body and core.

Slider Ab Burnout

Tone your abs and shoulders with this key move.

Slider V Pulse

The Slider V Pulse is designed to target your core and waistline.

Slider Lateral Lunge

This move targets your legs and butt.

Slider Lateral Push-Up

The Slider Lateral Push-Up is meant to tone your entire upper body, as well as your core.

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