How Much Does the Tracy Anderson Method Cost, Exactly?

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If you're anything like me, your nightly TikTok scroll consists of cute dogs, Love Is Blind drama, and the Tracy Anderson Method. Quite the combination, yes — but there's something so fascinating about this workout. It's not just the celeb clientele, the loyal following, and the unique workout, which involves a heated room, no verbal cues, and graceful-yet-demanding moves. There's also an intriguing air of mystery about the Tracy Anderson Method online — including how much the Tracy Anderson Method costs.

PS got in touch with people at the Tracy Anderson Method to suss out exactly how much a Tracy Anderson Method membership costs. But before we jump into the pricing and membership, let's talk about what you're actually paying for.

What Is the Tracy Anderson Method?

The Tracy Anderson Method is a fitness program for "strategic muscular design" to create balance in the body all while preserving physical longevity, according to the brand's website. It's a full-body workout that prioritizes choreography and sequencing by integrating dance-based aerobics and muscle work.

The intention behind the workout is to strengthen your major and accessory muscles (ie, your entire body) through movements that protect joints, expand flexibility, and improve mobility. The TA Method offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced in-person 30- to 60-minutes classes, with 15-minute arms, abs, and lower body target classes available online.

Tracy Anderson preaches consistency, so each class level builds on the previous one, adding new weight transfers and complex positions as you work your way up. New choreography is released every seven to 10 days, and the website suggests taking class four to seven days a week to achieve "total-body results."

That may sound like some big promises, but the Tracy Anderson Method has extremely devoted fans — many of whom are actual celebs, like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Victoria Beckham.

If that sounds interesting, keep reading for everything else you need to know about the workout, including the prices, memberships, and additional perks.

How Much Does the Tracy Anderson Method Membership Cost?

First off, you don't just sign up for a Tracy Anderson Method membership — you apply for consideration. Once you're in, a Tracy Anderson Method membership grants you access to unlimited in-studio group classes and the Tracy Anderson Prescription Team, who can offer members physical and nutritional consultations.

Members also get discounts on private training, TA retail products, and the TA Online Studio. Select locations also offer custom programming, where you're given an exercise plan designed specifically for you

Membership rates at Tracy Anderson's US-based studios — which have locations in New York, Hamptons, and Los Angeles — are as follows:

  • One-time Initiation Fee: $1,500
  • Monthly Dues: $900/month

How Much Does a Tracy Anderson Method Class Cost?

For members, classes are included in the monthly dues. But if you're interested in dipping your toes into the water of a Tracy Anderson Method Class before opting for a full-on membership, you can take non-member classes at off-peak hours (6 a.m., 7:30 a.m., 12 p.m., 1 p.m., 5:30 p.m., and 6:30 p.m.) at US-based studio locations. For non-members, the Tracy Anderson Method classes cost:

  • 50-minute Class: $45
  • 30-minute Cardio Class: $22.50

How Much Does Tracy Anderson Private Training Cost?

Private training is also available for non-members and can be purchased at any studio location. For non-members, this is the cost of private training:

  • Non-Member In-Studio One-On-One Private Training: $250/session
  • Non-Member Virtual One-On-One Private Training: $200/session

Private training isn't included in the cost of membership, but members do get a discount on private training sessions.

How Much Do Virtual Tracy Anderson Method Classes Cost?

If you don't live near a Tracy Anderson Method studio, never fear. The TA Online Studio offers virtual classes, including 30-minute beginner classes, 60-minute intermediate classes, and 60-minute advanced classes, with new content being released each week. Virtual "elective content" is also available, which includes a collection of bonus workouts, such as 15-minute body boosts, restorative stretches, dance aerobics, and standing series.

The TA Online Studio memberships also grant you access to weekly menus and meal planning guides, newsletters, and digital issues of the Tracy Anderson Magazine, per the website.

  • TA Online Studio ($90 a month). The TA Online studio gives you a two-week free trial, and you can save money by paying every six months ($457) or annually ($809).

Another virtual option is Online Studio + TA Live, which includes access to 240+ virtual live classes each month, full daily live class schedule streaming from New York, Los Angeles, and Madrid studios, group classes, early access to the Tracy Anderson Magazine editions, and invitations to special events and surprise live classes with Tracy, per the website.

A final virtual option is the HeartStone app, which is available to non-members and offers exclusive access to 10 HeartStone fitness sessions. They range from 5 to 33 minutes long and require the use of HeartStone "weighted energy trainers." You're meant to cycle through the series more than once over time.

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