Calling All Matcha-Lovers! Trader Joe's Just Released Almond Matcha, and It's Only $2

Sundays are my days where I frantically run around New York City trying to complete everything on my to-do list since I never have time during the week to get those tasks done. I wake up early, I train clients, and then I prepare for the potential crowds in the beloved Trader Joe's. I typically end up grocery shopping at three stores (I have to get certain products and produce from certain stores) and go to Trader Joe's for my staple items like oats and its addictive dried cherries.

As I was putting the container of old-fashioned oats into my tote, I saw the Matcha Almond Beverage and the Blueberry Lavender Flavored Beverage. I love a good matcha latte, and at $1.99, I couldn't resist buying it and taking it for a taste test. GUYS — it tastes delicious. I like that it isn't extremely sweet, because any matcha aficionado knows that is not how quality matcha should taste, and my stomach is thankful for the nondairy aspect. Another win: the price. My favorite matcha latte in the city costs $4.63 with whole milk, and if I am feeling special and request almond milk, it goes up to $5.13!

While I didn't purchase the Blueberry Lavender flavor, one of the comments on the Trader Joe's Instagram said that it "tastes like blueberry waffles." Trader Joe's says "it tastes as if you're frolicking through a blooming lavender field while eating blueberries," which sounds absolutely delightful. The beverages have a total of 60 calories per eight ounces, are made with "a touch of cane sugar" — seven grams, to be exact — and are gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, vegan, and kosher.

Save your coins for that designer purse and shoes you've been eyeing or that dream vacation you've been dying to take, and go get yourself one of these almond beverages today!