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vRide Is a Virtual Cycling Tour for Your MP3 Player

Hop On and vRide Through San Francisco

Sometimes when I am using the stationary bike at the gym, I get extremely bored. I often like to join a cycling class where the instruction guides me through the ride, because it makes the whole experience far less boring, but the class schedule does not always fit into my schedule.

Accelerade, the sports drink phenom, has created vRide, a virtual 18-mile bike ride through San Francisco (w00t, w00t), up and down the hills and through the winding streets. I am particularly partial to this podcast because I live in the area, but it's great for anyone who likes to visualize more than just the gym walls when cycling at the gym. As you climb the hills, you can add resistance and as you glide down them, you can reduce the resistance. The whole ride is a little over an hour and a half and a great guided cycling podcast. I highly recommend anyone who typically enjoys cycling (or spinning) to check it out. Download the free podcast here.

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geohiker geohiker 9 years
I think this has been taken down, the link just goes to the front page. I tried typing it in directly, but it flips back to the front page; I also searched all over the site and could not find anything even close to it. Use Cytomax; the flavors are great and their site is less annoying!
geohiker geohiker 9 years
I am biking inside this winter (way too much snow here to be outside!), and my husband gave me DVDs of bike trips in different parts of the country - very cool, and helps stave off boredom of biking inside!
ccsugar ccsugar 9 years
That's a cool idea. I wonder if they have one for my hometown of Detroit. It could feature dodging bullets and crackheads. Kidding!!
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