Vanessa Hudgens Says Intermittent Fasting Is "No Joke" but Totally Worth It

Vanessa Hudgens was inspired to try intermittent fasting (IF) after she saw how vibrant her friend who'd adopted the timed approach to eating looked. Vanessa's been doing it for a few months now, she told POPSUGAR at The Sculpt Society workout event sponsored by Propel Vitamin Boost. To her, the results are worth the initial adjustment.

The 30-year-old actress does 18:6, meaning she fasts for 18 hours and eats during a six-hour window. This is easier to maintain when she's working continuously, she said, and she started with 18:6 right away. "I'm such a 'go hard or don't go at all' type of person," she explained, admitting that it was rough the first two weeks or so, but, now, she's seeing the positive effects IF has on her mind and body.

Vanessa is 5'3" and says her weight can fluctuate by, at most, 20 pounds. In her first week of IF, though, she lost six pounds and has been able to keep it off ever since. Once she adjusted, she noticed that she was more grounded and focused. "I had way more mental clarity, and I was more energized and felt even stronger in my workouts," Vanessa, who exercises almost daily and enjoys group classes above anything else, said. Ultimately, she felt (and feels!) great.

So, what does Vanessa eat during this six-hour period? Admittedly, whatever she wants. She makes sure she gets the nutritional value she needs — eats plenty of veggies, fruit, and protein — but, she "definitely" has pasta and pizza multiple times per week. "I've also done no-carb diets before, and I've gotten very skinny, which can feel great sometimes, but . . . it's not worth it. I'm just at a period right now where I'm like, 'I want pasta, I want pizza, and I want sushi.'" More power to you, Vanessa!

For anyone looking to start IF, Vanessa was brutally honest: "It's rough, it's no joke. I'm not gonna lie and say it's easy." She suggests beginning with 16:8, so fasting for 16 hours and eating for eight, instead of 18:6 — though be sure to consult with your doctor first (you should also check out our guide, here). And her simplest tip is to keep yourself hydrated. All in all, Vanessa has seen success with IF, noting that she's been able to stay fit and lean and still eat that pasta and pizza. (Want to know a secret? Before our workout together, she even had — gasp! — fries.)